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ALERT! We have received several phone calls from people saying that our company has charged their credit card for services/products they didn't order. It wasn't us. There are at least two other businesses in the US with the same business name. We never charge any credit cards except our clients' at the time of their visit through a secure terminal and we never store their credit card numbers. If there is such charge in our name and you don't recognize it, it is likely that someone is misusing our business name and processing your credit card whose number they stole (it's called business ID theft). In any case, if there is a charge you don't recognize, contact your bank and cancel your credit card immediately. Most banks are insured so they will likely get you your money back if a charge has already occured. We have reported misuse of our business name to credit bureaus and also filed a report with police. You can help us collect evidence for further investigation by sending us details about the charges incurred on your card. I believe together we can stop this fraud. Thank you for your understanding.

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Dear friends, clients,

Starting July 2016, I am sharing my space with an amazing massage therapist, Cynthia Bretheim, MS, LMT (www.cynthia She has a master's degree from School of Public Health at IU and is nationally licensed massage therapist. She teaches breathing workshops regularly and together we are planning to organize a series of free workshops on various topics. Stay tuned!

Recently, I also attended a seminar by Standard Process. This company has been making whole foods supplements since 1929 (!) and they are some of the best on the market still today! They have developed an amazing software (Maestro Symptom Survey), able to analyse in detail your symptoms, perform computerized funtional blood analysis and suggest some of their great products. It is a great start for those who would like to work on their health naturally. Diet, proper nutrition and digestion is the key! 

I also finished my training to become Level1: Fundamentals teacher for Donna Eden's Energy Medicine certification program. I am excited offer a Fundamentals class training already next year (2021) here in Bloomington, Indiana! If you are curious about energy medicine, I recommend that you start by reading Donna Eden's book "Energy Medicine". It is available on Amazon or Donna's website - go the the store at:

That's all I wanted to share today. Hope you are all having a wonderful spring!

In health,


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"My blood pressure is back to normal within three weeks!" *
- Max, Bloomington, IN



"I feel very comfortable referring friends and family to Blooming Health.
Vladimira is well educated when it comes to natural methods.  I appreciate her style of LISTENING first and then RESEARCHING what might be best for one's emotional and physical circumstances before recommending modalities.  Her kindness and compassion are very much needed in today's hustle bustle world.  Her charges for services are also very reasonable.  Thank you for helping our family! "  *

-Lisa Spencer, Body Balance
Therapeutic Massage and Nutritionals-           


"I had been having up to 50 severe hot flashes a day. Could hardly lift a gallon of milk, or even prepare a meal. As well as traumatized and grief stricken; I hadn't drove in 7 months!  How blessed I've been, to of had the opportunity to experience the healing techniques of Vladimira. Loosing 40 lbs, regaining strength and balance, with hope to carry on. A fantastic learning and healing experience which everyone should know is available!" *
      Ever so grateful,

  -Rena, Bloomington, IN                                        

 *DISCLAIMER: Results may vary from person to person.