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ALERT! We have received several phone calls from people saying that our company has charged their credit card for services/products they didn't order. It wasn't us. There are at least two other businesses in the US with the same business name. We never charge any credit cards except our clients' at the time of their visit through a secure terminal and we never store their credit card numbers. If there is such charge in our name and you don't recognize it, it is likely that someone is misusing our business name and processing your credit card whose number they stole (it's called business ID theft). In any case, if there is a charge you don't recognize, contact your bank and cancel your credit card immediately. Most banks are insured so they will likely get you your money back if a charge has already occured. We have reported misuse of our business name to credit bureaus and also filed a report with police. You can help us collect evidence for further investigation by sending us details about the charges incurred on your card. I believe together we can stop this fraud. Thank you for your understanding.

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Getting well naturally



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Masks are required for everyone. DO NOT come and notify me if you are having acute flu-like/Covid symptoms or have been in contact with someone who tested positive for Covid-19, even if it's last minute before your appointment. We will reschedule your appointment to a different time without late fee charge.

During the first consultation, I use a detailed intake form and symptom profile analysis to evaluate your health condition. Clinical tests might be recommended including Microbiome Test or Functional Blood Analysis. Please, download the Intake and Health Survey Form below and bring it filled out to your first visit. Scroll down for the fee information or to schedule an appointment online.


Intake and Health Survey Form

A comprehensive program to improve your health condition will be worked out and will likely contain several steps as follows:

1) digestive support (most problems start with faulty digestion) and nutritional support to strengten your body

2) suggestions how to improve your diet; bio-resonance analysis to identify problematic foods and vitamin/mineral deficiencies

3) opening of detoxification pathways (liver,colon, kidney)

4) detoxification of environemental pollutants from your body using complex homeopathy and/or herbs

5) emotional balancing as many conditions are related to old emotional and psychological traumas

6) hormonal balancing through herbs, homeopathy and special supplements to improve your body's functions

7) natural support of immune system that plays a crucial role in allergies and auto-immune conditions

8) simple energy exercises to keep your energies flowing

I work with companies that supply their products only to the health professionals and whose quality is superior to most commercially available supplements. Most of these supplements were formulated by respected specialists in naturopathy and herbal medicine.

Please, understand that your health problem didn't develop overnight therefore allow yourself enough time to see positive results. How long? It all depends on your current state of health. Ideally, you need to commit yourself to regular visits every ~ 3-4 weeks for a period of ~ 6-12 months to start seeing permanent improvement. Results may vary from person to person.

Online consultations


As an alternative to in-person appointments, I am offering online consultations and nutritional/symptoms evaluation using Systems Survey Maestro computer program developed by Standard Process. This evaluation program was developed based on years of clinical experience of several nutritionists and funtional medicine doctors and is a great alternative while in-person consultations are not available. Hopefully this way, you can keep working on your health without having to leave your home!

You have two options:

1. Online consultation (1h) and Maestro nutritional software evaluation with report -  $125

2. Energy medicine coaching - $95 (~ 1 hour)

Here is how the online consultations work. First, schedule an online appointment by clicking on the button below and choose the type of appointment you would like. You will be asked to pay the chosen appointment fee to complete booking using PayPal check out (you can use a credit card). If this is your first consultation, you can use the discount coupon "FIRST20" during booking.


Then follow these easy steps:

  1. For the first online consultation, download this form and fill it out. You can upload it directly to your scheduled appointment (the link is in the confirmation e-mail) or e-mail me a filled copy (scan or take a picture). If you have a copy of your recent blood work, you can send it to me for analysis as well (not required). 

  2. Next, download the Maestro symptom survey here and send it back filled. I will evaluate your answers and generate a report and a list of suggested supplements from Standard Process. I will send you all this by e-mail together with instructions how to order your supplements from Standard Process.

  3. During your online consultation (e.g through Skype or Zoom), we will address your main areas of concern, talk about your diet, suggested supplements and energy exercises you can start doing right away.

  4. For energy medicine coaching, please, fill this brieve questionnaire and send it back to me before your online session.

Let me know if you have any questions. Best way to contact me is by e-mail

Energy Medicine sessions       



If you are coming for an energy medicine session and this is your first time, please, download, fill and sign the form below and bring it to your first session. 


Intake and Informed Consent 

If you are coming for both consultation and energy medicine session (combo), print and fill this Intake and Health Survery Form and also this signed Informed Consent. If you filled the Intake and Health survey previously, print and sign just the Informed Consent. Bring all filled documents to your first appoitnment.



Consultation fee (1 h visit, usually just 1st time)  ........$95
    Follow-up visits (30-40 min):......................................$65
Cost of supplements is extra and is added to the above fee at each visit.
A DEPOSIT fo $50 is required when scheduling an appointment.

Energy medicine session (1 h and 15 min).................... $110
  • 3 sessions package...................................$275
  • 5 sessions package...................................$440
Combined package: Consultation and EEM session
(2h total time)...............................................................$160 
             Re-check and EEM session (1h and 45 min)...$140
Comprehensive Wellness Blood Analysis......................$99
(with DirectLabs independent lab)
Microbiome Test Kit (BIOHM)........................................$129

20 min. session with Terraquant low-level laser ............$40
(pain relieve)

Cash, checks and major credit cards are accepted.

Appointments are available in the evenings and on Saturdays.

To schedule an appointment, use the online scheduling service below:

Schedule Appointment

When scheduling, a $50 deposit is required. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, use the link in the confirmation e-mail to do so at least 24 h before your appointment.This deposit will be returned if you cancel your appointment at least 24 h before your appointment. There is no refund if the appointment is cancelled less than 24 before your appointment.


Recommend a friend or a family member and they will receive 25% discount on their first visit (supplements not included in this offer). As a thank you, you will also receive one time discount of 25% at your next visit .

Students and seniors (above 65) get 15% discount on all consultations (supplements not included) automatically. Monthly payment plan is available in case of financial hardship. Contact us for more details.


You can enter a coupon code "FIRST20" when scheduling your first appointment online.