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"personalized approach to health using powerful combination of nutrition, herbs, homeopathy and energy medicine"

Dr. Vladimira Dragnea, PhD, ND, MH, EEM-AP

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What is Naturopathy?

Are you sick of being sick? Would you like to have less symptoms, more energy, joy and vitality in your life? Are you ready to try a different, more natural approach to health? Traditional naturopathy has been a very popular and successful health care system still at the beginning of the 20th century. Founding fathers of naturopathy observed that your body knows how to heal itself. However this ability, together with your vitality and energy can get compromised with accumulation of chemical and biological toxins in various tissues and organs. This toxin accumulation is a result of your own metabolism (from less than optimal diet), and in our era, lots of it comes from polluted environment and food, not even talking about all the chemicals in the cosmetics, cleaning supplies, etc... that didn't exist even 100 years ago! Through various natural modalities (e.g. diet, herbs, homeopathy), you can remove these toxins and activate your own body's ability to heal itself. 


My counseling services are for anybody willing to improve their health through gradual changes in diet, life-style, and using herbs, homeopathic remedies and dietary supplements. Recently, I became certified in Eden Energy Medicine, a new technique with old roots (mostly in Traditional Chinese Medicine). It is a very complementary system to other techniques I am using and yields amazing results. Ideally, I work with a client for a period of several months, teaching him/her how to improve their health naturally, recommending a program and energy exercises that could help their condition.

Currently, I am sharing the office space with Cynthia Bretheim, MS, LMT (www.cynthia She has a master's degree from School of Public Health at IU and is nationally licensed massage therapist. She teaches breathing workshops regularly and together we are planning to organize a series of free workshops on various topics. Stay tuned!


We offer:

  • Computerized nutritional analysis based on a detailed symptom profile
  • Unique bio-resonance testing to evaluate state of your health and to determine underlying imbalances
  • Digestive support, colon cleansing programs and enzymatic therapy
  • Detoxification of environmental pollutants from your body, which can lead to improvement of many chronic problems
  • Natural brain and neurotransmitter support
  • Natural support of immune system, help with allergies and auto-immune conditions
  • Emotional balancing through combination remedies (complex homeopathy and Bach flower remedies)
  • Hormonal balancing through complex homeopathy and special nutritional supplements
  • Detailed analysis of your diet and nutritional recommendations to improve your health condition
  • Advice on weight-loss and weight-related disorders
  • Functional blood chemistry analysis using ranges that are narrower than regular laboratory to identify any imbalances early
  • Increase of your energy and well-being
  • Professional herbal and dietary supplements
  • Stress relieve and energetic balacing using powerful Donna Eden's Energy Medicine techniques


As an authorized teacher of Eden Energy Medicine 101/102, I offer these classes regularly. Click on the Classes tab above to find out more. On the same page, you can find about other classes and workshops we are teaching.


Complex homeopathy is safe and beneficial for small children (including autistic children), and also for pets and small animals.

Note on insurance coverage: Naturopathy services are not covered by insurance companies in Indiana but feel free to check with your insurance carrier. More inquiries about coverage of natural healing modalities addressed to insurance companies might lead to positive changes overtime.


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