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"improving your health through nutrition, herbs and homeopathy"

Vladimira Dragnea, PhD, ND, MH




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My counseling services are for anybody willing to improve their health through gradual changes in diet, life-style, and using herbs, homeopathic remedies and dietary supplements. Ideally, I work with a client for a period of several months, teaching him/her how to improve their health naturally and recommending a program that could help their condition.

We offer:

  • Unique bio-resonance testing to evaluate state of your health and to determine underlying imbalances

  • Digestive support, colon cleansing programs and enzymatic therapy

  • Detoxification of environmental pollutants from your body, which can lead to improvement of many chronic problems

  • Natural brain and neurotransmitter support

  • Natural support of immune system, help with allergies and auto-immune conditions

  • Emotional balancing through combination remedies (complex homeopathy and Bach flower remedies)

  • Hormonal balancing through complex homeopathy and special nutritional supplements

  • Detailed analysis of your diet and nutritional recommendations to improve your health condition

  • Advice on weight-loss and weight-related disorders

  • BioTerrain Urine analysis to identify underlying metabolic disturbances

  • Functional blood chemistry analysis using ranges that are narrower than regular laboratory to identify any imbalances early

  • Osteomark Urine Analysis to find out if you are currently loosing your bone tissue

  • Increase of your energy and well-being

  • Professional herbal and dietary supplements

  • Stress relieve and energetic balacing using powerful Donna Eden Energy Medicine techniques

Complex homeopathy is safe and beneficial for small children (including autistic children), and also for pets and small animals.

By appointment only