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ALERT! We have received several phone calls from people saying that our company has charged their credit card for services/products they didn't order. It wasn't us. There are at least two other businesses in the US with the same business name. We never charge any credit cards except our clients' at the time of their visit through a secure terminal and we never store their credit card numbers. If there is such charge in our name and you don't recognize it, it is likely that someone is misusing our business name and processing your credit card whose number they stole (it's called business ID theft). In any case, if there is a charge you don't recognize, contact your bank and cancel your credit card immediately. Most banks are insured so they will likely get you your money back if a charge has already occured. We have reported misuse of our business name to credit bureaus and also filed a report with police. You can help us collect evidence for further investigation by sending us details about the charges incurred on your card. I believe together we can stop this fraud. Thank you for your understanding.

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Getting well naturally



Level 1: Fundamentals in Eden Method

Donna and I

“Change the energies that travel through your body and you can
change your mood, your mind, your health, and your relationships.”

-Donna Eden

Based on the empowering work of Donna Eden, Level 1: Fundamentals will teach you the core techniques of Eden Energy Medicine. You'll learn about the body's energy systems and techniques to keep those energies balanced and flowing for optimal health.Those who wish to become Certified may continue on to a second year of study.

Course details:

- Open to everyone. There are no prerequisites required to enroll. Everyone can learn this method.
- Supervised practice that helps build your confidence with the techniques!
- Small classes with lots of individual attention and hands-on practice. You'll get the personalized instruction you need.
- Four extended weekends over one year so you can fit the training into your schedule.

Detailed curriculum and more information can be found HERE.

Level 1:Fundamentals may:

  • Lead to a satisfying and gratifying career in healing as a Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner.
  • Broaden your professional tool box for those of you already in a healing profession. Eden Energy
    Medicine is a powerful addition to any practice.
  • Develop and expand your skills so you'll feel empowered to care for your aging parents, children, or friends.
  • Have a life-changing impact on your health and the health of your loved ones or clients.

Class 1: May 13 - 16, 2021
Class 2: July 29 - August 1, 2021
Class 3: October 21 - 24, 2021
Class 4: January 27 - 30, 2022

        Times: 9-5:30


Note about location: the class will take place in my office at Fountain Square Mall, Ste 241

REGISTRATION: First, pay $300 deposit here to reserve your spot in the class. This deposit will be applied to your Class 4 tuitition so you won't loose any money! The deposit is refundable till the start of Class 1.

Next, register and pay the full tuition for Class 1 using the link below before April 15, 2021. You will be able to pay with a credit card, through PayPal or send me a check. 

Register Now