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Level 1: Fundamentals of Eden Energy Medicine

I am excited to offer Fundamentals in Eden Energy Medicine in Indiana for the first time! This is what Donna Eden, the founder of Eden Method, says about this class on her website:

"You have an incredible reservoir of healing power already inside you. And your body wants to heal. It’s just that in today’s world, with all of our modern-day stressors of exhausting work schedules, perfection parenting, fast paced EVERYTHING… our energy can become sluggish or blocked and over time, this can lead to lowered immunity, anxiety, and/or illness.

With Eden Energy Medicine, we tap into that reservoir of healing power within you so it can start doing what it wants to do… heal. "

And because Donna can see energy, her method combines the best of ancient healing systems with simple techniques that she’s developed to create the best possible energy environment for healing.

Imagine being able to see what works and develop a system based on how the energy moves.

That’s what you’ll get with Eden Energy Medicine. Everything you need to activate the body’s own inner healer.

In Level 1: Fundamentals Classes You Will Learn:

  • How to take an active role in the healing of yourself and your loved ones and say goodbye to feelings of powerlessness.
  • Alternative treatments for pain so you can potentially lessen or completely remove any dependencies on pain medication.
  • Ways to strengthen the immune system so you and loved ones can build resilience to illness.
  • To develop your own unique gifts when it comes to moving, directing or shifting energy in the body. You will leave class a more confident healer.
  • Ways to track energy in the body so you know what techniques will bring about the best results for you and anyone you work on.
    Plus, you’ll leave class qualified to enter Year 2 of our Certification Program so that you can eventually build a healing practice as an Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner.


Class 1: 05/13-17/2020

Class 2: 07/29/-08/02/2020

Class 3: 10/21-25/2020

Class 4: 01/20-24/2021

Class Times:

Wed 6-9 pm
Thu-Sat 9-6 pm
Sun 8-11 am


I am excited to offer not just a class but also accommodation in a beautiful custom built log cabin at the edge of Yellowwood State Forest, about 20 min drive from Bloomington, IN, with beautiful hiking trails close by. The cabin has 4 separate bedrooms ($80 per bedroom/night) and two sleeper sofas ($40 per sofa/night). Each bedroom has a queen or king size bed, its own bathroom (ladies!), a closet and a private entrance to outside patio. Here is more info and pictures of the cabin (contact me to reserve your spot and register early!). Accommodation is on first come first served basis. You will come to a class but you will get a mini-vacation in nature, too!

More info:

Snacks and filtered water will be provided. The closest grocery store is ~ 15 min drive (it is a wonderful local health food store). Bloomington is a great place to eat out, too, with some 200 ethnic restaurants. No fragrances, please, as many students are very sensitive. Wear comfortable clothes and layers appropriate for the season.

Maximum number of students for this class is 10, therefore reserve your spot today!

To register and reserve your spot at Level 1: Fundamentals, first pay $300 deposit on Donna's website. This non-refundable deposit will be applied to the Class 4 fee. Class tuition is due 4 weeks before each class (deadline for Class 1 is April 15th, 2020). You can pay by check or using the link below. In the notes, please indicate your accomodation needs (see Location info above). Accomodation payments will be billed separately.