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ALERT! We have received notifications that make us believe someone is impersonating our business illegally and is trying to process (very likely stolen) credit card numbers under our business name (not our clients' cards whose numbers we don't store so they should be safe). We only ever charge our clients' cards at the time of their consultations using a secure card reader. If your credit card has been charged (or a charge attempt has been made) allegedly by us and you don't recognize this transaction, please, contact your financial institution and let them know your credit card number has been stolen. Most banks are insured and will likely refund you for fraud charges. If you have any details about the fraud charges on your card, please, contact me as we are collecting all the information connected to this fraud. From our end, we will report the likely business ID theft to the authorities and do everything possible to stop this fraud. Thank you for your understanding.

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We intend to re-start introductory Energy medicine classes in the Fall 2020.